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About Us

What We Do

Disbursement Review, LLC designs and implements accounts payable recovery programs to recover dollars for our clients on a contingency-fee basis. Specifically, we.....

  • Provide an independent, transaction-level review of historical disbursement transactions.
  • Identify and recover over-payments & under-deductions.
  • Quantify the disbursement accuracy rate for each review period.
  • Recommend control enhancements that will reduce future payment error.

Independent, Transaction-Level Review:

Our Associates will gather the required electronic data and "process-knowledge" necessary to support a review of historical transactions. We will work with a designated person within the client organization to confirm the scope and timeframe for each project.

Document & Recover:

As recoverable opportunity is identified, we will obtain vendor approval and supporting documentation. Each recovery will be presented to our designated contact within your organization. Recoveries typically fall into the following categories:

  • duplicate payments
  • wrong vendor payments
  • overpayments related to partial returns, price adjustments, freight
  • unprocessed supplier credit memos

As part of the scope definition of our review, our clients may identify sensitive suppliers that may require special handling or that may need to be excluded from our review.

Quantify Disbursement Accuracy Rate:

At the conclusion of each project we are able to quantify your organization's overall disbursement accuracy rate (i.e. Recovered Dollars divided by Total Dollars Reviewed). We consider this to be an important internal control metric. The derivation of the disbursement accuracy rate for each review period provides financial management with a way to monitor the ongoing performance of the disbursement process.

Recommendations to Improve Controls:

We will prepare a Engagement Summary at the conclusion of each project. In addition to summarizing recoveries by vendor and by type, we will provide recommendations to improve controls. Our clients use this information to provide feedback throughout the organization in an effort to improve disbursement accuracy.




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