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About Us 

Our Business Model

Our business model is based on the reality that, over time, a very small error rate occurs within all disbursement environments and that organizations can not justify the allocation of internal resources to perform their own independent post-payment review. It is not productive for our clients to allocate internal resources to perform a complete post payment review of disbursement transactions. Fixed costs would be required without any guarantee of a return.

As operating budgets continue to tighten, it is difficult for our clients to justify the allocation of internal resources to this process. Client resources are better allocated to mission-critical activities. Our contingency-fee based model provides value. We offer an outsourced post-payment review solution without financial risk to our clients. Our challenge is to efficiently identify and extract these dollars. We are able to do so by leveraging our expertise and by being able to focus our full attention exclusively to the post-payment review process.



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