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Metrics / Facts

Is It Worth The Time ?

Disbursement accuracy rates generally exceed 99.9%. However, over a large purchase base, even a very small error rate of 0.025% to 0.1% can result in significant dollars. Every organization has at least some level of payment error or omission.

Most organizations can not afford the cost of "perfection". They do not have the luxury of being able to check and then to re-check ALL disbursement transactions. That's why it makes good business sense to implement a contingency-fee based independent disbursement review. Let Disbursement Review, LLC do the "re-checking" for you. There are no fixed fees for our services.....so there is no financial risk.

We can generally do this less expensively than you can because we have full-time Associates and systems support dedicated specifically to this process. We are also able to leverage our resources over many customers. Since you pay for us out of recovered funds, and our resources are available to you as needed......we are in essence a "free" outsource function.

Why not give it a try?





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