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Recovery Process


Our clients receive the following deliverables for each disbursement review project:

  • Complete, transaction-level review & analysis - The narrow and deep scope of our accounts payable review differentiates Disbursement Review from the work generally done by internal audit groups and external public accountants. The focus of our business model is to unlock the hidden costs caused by the occurrence of a very small payment error rate.
  • Key supplier account statement review - We will acquire & analyze account statements from your key suppliers to identify any over-payments. This is a disciplined effort that involves multiple mailings and follow-up telephone interaction in order to maximize supplier response rates.
  • Well-documented recoveries - Any mis-payments identified will be presented to you and your suppliers with thorough documentation.
  • Written engagement summary report - At the conclusion of our review, you will receive a concise written summary of our process and findings. This document can be retained and utilized within your organization or can be distributed to other interested parties.
  • Supplier correspondence - We will address any supplier correspondence that may occur during the recovery process. This effort survives the term of our on-site review work. We will make arrangements to remotely address any supplier inquiries after the completion of our on-site work.

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